WHo are we

Comfy, soft, cozy and elegant but most of all for everyday use. Love Sundaily is an all-velour Antwerp-based clothing line founded by mother-and-daughter duo Nadine and Charlotte.

The collection, that consists out of never out of style basics, is dedicated to their favorite city in the world Madrid. Nadine and Charlotte named each item after its districts.

Love Sundaily is a celebration of that ultimate Sunday feeling. Each item is well thought-out, from the cut to the fabric, to guarantee you’ll feel like it’s Sunday every day.

Right from the start Nadine and Charlotte felt it was important to launch a brand that considers its ecological footprint. They found a small atelier in Portugal, coincidentally also run by a daughter-mother duo. And together they made it their mission to produce clothing without producing waste.

Meaning the fabrics of Love Sundaily are always fully utilized. Over the years Love Sundaily learned more about sustainability and how to improve production, but also everything around it: recycled packaging, labels, online accounting, repurposing cardboard boxes, …In 2022 Love Sundaily explored other fabrics, organic or recycled. This journey resulted in the first Piquet collection, which consisted of recycled polyester and recycled cotton. While Love Sundaily’s towel fabric is made of 100% organic cotton.

And it doesn’t end there. A shared vision of sustainable fashion resulted in a closer collaboration with Love Sundaily’s atelier. Together they’ll launch a new collection consisting entirely out of fabric scraps. Resulting in new materials and prints whilst reducing the environmental footprint.On the rare occasion Love Sundaily is stuck with leftovers, they don’t just throw them away. All those pieces are donated to a charity called Missiehulp who divide these pieces to the people who need them the most.